Ojibwa Atum-Ra

You may know her by a different name: Julie, Jewlz, SunGoddessBruja, Ojibwa, Young Greatness, Divine-

Woman of a 1000 Stories.
Simply put- they are all different versions of her. 


Her journey started in 2016 after two influential losses. She suffered from severe Anxiety and Depression and ended up being put on medication. She was sure that the medication would not provide her with the safety and security she lacked in this physical world. It was up to her and only her to provide herself with these very things. 

She's traveled the world- Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Belize, to name a few places. In which she found herself in some questionable situations. Stepping outside of her comfort zone was hard, but she truly believes-
If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

She is now an Author, Mental Alchemist,
Medicine Woman, Reiki Master,
and Motivational Speaker

Her Auto Biography is due out 2021 ! Stay Tuned

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